Episode 17 - Kay Fawcett


Normal yet extraordinary super-mum Kay Fawcett joins us on the post London Marathon couch, Tony takes a trip to the dentist, Martin's got a super-sore toe and Tom is nearly there!

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Show Notes

Time - Section

00:00 - Intro

- Tom's got sore legs...

- Martin hobbles round 21 miles...

04:52 - News

- 12 marathons and 12 sixty mile bike rides in 12 day for Tom's mate Andy North (LINK)

- First non-African runner breaks 27 minutes for 10km & Chris Thompson runs 3rd fastest 10k ever by GB athlete (LINK)

- British team selected for GBR European marathon team (LINK)

- Dusseldorf Marathon - Mikitenko runs for fun and the world unicycle marathon record falls (LINK)

- The Flying Pig Marathon (LINK)

- Theatre anyone? (LINK)

- Come and ssay hi on Facebook (LINK)


          - We want to hear your own personal marthon reviews from all round the world

          1. Call us on +44 (0) 208 133 7456

          2. Leave a 60 second (MAX) message including...

- Your name

- Where you are from

- What marathon you did

- What you thought of the event

- How your race went

- A score out of TEN

17:45 - Tony's Trials

- Tony takes a trip to the dentist

21:50 - Training Talk

- Putting together a training programme? We go through the initial thoughts and key strategies required to start you off on your dream marathon journey.

34:05 - Rant and Rave 

- Martin rants about motorists and his sore toe!

- Tom raves about feeling cream crackered :)

35:52 - Interview - Kay Fawcett

- She's a self-confessed normal mum, with a normal job and normal daily challenges... we hear how Kay went from complete non-runner to three time marathon finisher, qualified run leader and compulsive PB'er, joining the thousands of people who achieve extraordinary things every week of the year. Just because you're not in fancy dress, running 2:04 or suffering from some phenomenal disability doesn't mean you can't be amazing!

- Want to read more? Check out Kay's blog... HERE

1:06:27 - Questions

- What do you think about racing flats or other lightweight shoes?

- Four weeks between two marathons... what should I do?

1:13:02 - Winner of the Week

Fahd Choudhry on facebook - Winner of the week. Coming out of work today at Canary Wharf I saw a lady walking slowly by with her VLM number on, so I had to stop and have a wee chat. She is 69 and in remission from serious Bowel Cancer and walking a few miles each day. It was obviously a bit of a struggle but she was so excited about the fact that she will be presented with her medal outside Buckingham Palace on Tuesday. Her name is Heleneia Brierle

1:14:18 - Close

- This weekend it's Prague, then two weeks to Edinburgh, another to Chester and one more to Stockholm

- Send in your questions for James Cracknell - [email protected]

- Tom takes on a mega-brick

- Martin gets a little but deep ;)

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