Episode 164 - Dave Moorcroft (Part One)


In 1982 Dave Moorcroft smashed the World 5,000m record out of sight, in the 30 years since then no non-African runner has achieved the same! Mo did however just break the British half marathon record, it was the Tokyo Marathon and Martin spoke to Adam Eason about developing the running mind.

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Show Notes

00:00 - Intro

- Martin's been running 15 miles on the Purbecks and sub six minute miling with a small child! 

- Tom's been having a Jantastic disaster and not National Crossing! 

- Thanks as always to adidas for their support

- Jantastic passes the turnaround point - latest results

15:50 - News

- Oscar Pistorius granted bail (Reuters) (The New Yorker)

- Mo wins in New Orleans (letsrun.com) (photos)

- Salazar interview re Mo in 2014 and beyond (telegraph.co.uk)

- Tokyo Marathon (Japan Running News) (competitor)

- Yuki turns up the heat (Japan Running News)

- World Marathon Majors increase doping penalities (letsrun.com)

43:55 - Training Talk

- Adam Eason on the power of the mind

- Download Adam's PDF here

1:13:25 - Tony's Trials

1:15:45 - Interview - Dave Moorcroft (Part One)

- Dave on Wikipedia

- 16 days of glory video

- Bislett 1982 and the amazing World record (video)

- Coventry Conversations with David Long (video)

1:39:06 - Video of the Week

- The amazing Bushy parkrun flash mob wedding proposal here

1:41:10 - Close 

- Martin will be Bath Halfing, speaking to Rich Whitehead and logging his runs

- Tom will be hanging out with his Dad

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