Episode 16 - Mara Yamauchi


Mara Yamauchi joins us for a chat about her 2010 VLM experience, Tony sets a new world record, Tom walks the walk, we hear from some super fast Aussies and no-one throws their pants at Martin!

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Show Notes

Time - Section

00:00 - Intro

- From now on each episode of Marathon Talk will be released during the day on Wednesday (UK time)

- On Saturday the 1st of May Mark Cooper sets off on his first of 50 marathons (LINK)

02:01 - News

- Hamburg marathon (LINK)

- Plains, trains and automobiles (LINK)

- Martin plays to the crowds on stage and hangs out at mile 23

- Tom fights the gingerbread men to run a 1:28/1:28 for 2:56 (LINK)

- Virgin London Marathon results (LINK

- Check out the highlights on BBC iplayer (LINK)

- Before and after interviews from Marathon Talk listeners

- Check out Andrew Lemoncello's VLM race report on The Life of Lemon (LINK)

37:26 - Tony's Trials

- Dedication!

42:17 - Training Talk

- Missed your marathon goal? Don't beat yourself up... take a reality check and keep moving forward.

48:15 - More listener race reports...

- Jackson Williams runs barefoot

- The Emmerdale crew

- Steve Way

58:12 - Rant and Rave 

- Martin raves about the journey... you gotta roll with it!

- Tom rants about ranters!

1:01:20 - Interview - Mara Yamauchi

- Following a marathon journey to get to the start line, how did this race go for Britain's number two female marathon runner.

1:08:21 - Questions

- Twenty six days to recover... really?

- Why did my legs explode at mile 20?

1:11:42 - Winner of the Week

- The Virgin London Marathon and all who organise her!

1:13:07 - Close

- The show must go on... every week is marathon week!

- Girlzrun training day... it's not for boys! Check out www.girlzrun.co.uk

- James Cracknell coming soon, questions please...

- Inspired? Get your name down for the 2011 Virgin London Marathon (BALLOT) (GOOD FOR AGE)

- Marathon Talk will now be released during Wednesday DAY (UK time)

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