Episode 159 - Prof John Brewer


It's week 3 of Jantastic! There’s a little Lance chat. Mara Yamauchi announces retirement. It’s week 4 of Training Talk building into your spring marathon. We speak to Professor John Brewer about marathon running. You rate your run but the podium is snow decimated. Tony brings us his trials, and there’s a real sporting winner.

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Show Notes

00:00 INTRO

- Martin's been 19:17 parkrunning and running with Steve Way (who wore shorts in the snow!)

- Martin's doing a LIVE web chat on Triathletes World Friday Feb 1st at 1pm (UK time).  Join in HERE.

- Come along to the Human Race 'Race Your Pace' event including Martin's seminar.

- Tom's been Carlise parkrunning but not Brass Monkey supporting.

Thank you adidas running UK for your ongoing support of the show and helping us bring it to you every week for free.

- Snow in the UK disrupts road races including the cancellation of the Gloucester Marathon and the Southern Cross Country Championships at Parliment Hill (Athletics Weekly)

- Jantastic enters week 3!

- 4,093 participants logged 29,109 runs in the first 2 weeks!

- The team battles at the top of the table are immense! Latest Results.

- Remember to log your runs AFTER you've done them and before 0800 Tues GMT.

- It's almost month 2 'Febulous'. Record your target weekly 'long' run before Feb 4th HERE.

- Ask any questions on the messageboard.

15:06 - NEWS

- Lance Armstrong admits to using PED's in all 7 Tour de France wins on Oprah. 

- If you missed it, watch it on the OWN.

- BBC review main points from the interview.

- Outside magazine look at who said what afterwards.

- Listen to the BBC's BeSpoke podcast about the interview.

- Read Velonation for latest updates.

- 6th placer in Beijing Olympics and 2:23 marathoner Mara Yamauchi annouces retirememt. (Athletics Weekly)

- Yuki smashes Egyptian Marathon record. (Japan Running News)

- 4-time world marathon majors runner-up Abderrahim Goumri of Morocco has died in a car accident. (LetsRun)

- Can Haile do the triple in Vienna? (IAAF)

- Martin Lel to run Dubai?  The full elite fields.

- BAA Boston Marathon annouce elite fields for 2013. (Track and Field News)

37:24 - TRAINING TALK - Week 4 of our 15 week marathon countdown.

- Now is the end of the first phase of your build up, get ready for more miles.

- Miles or time? Up to week 4 or 5 into a marathon plan there’s no need to focus on miles in long runs.  It’s okay to work to time on feet. Building up how long your run for. From now on start to work in miles.  

- Build a pain profile - 

- Using a rating scale where ‘0’ = no pain or symptoms, no stiffness, ache or soreness and where a ‘10’ = intense pain, provide ratings for how you felt during your run, after your run and 24hrs after your run.  

- Identify how much pain there is and where the pain is coming from.  Doing this repeatedly over a number of days allows you to create a pain profile and monitor how you feel during training.  



Professor John Brewer.

University of Bedfordshire Work 

Twitter @sportprofbrewer


For showing true sporting fairness this weeks winner is Spanish cross country runner Iván Fernández Anaya (Sportskeeda)

1:36:25 - CLOSE

- Listener launchpad - where are you running?

- Tom's meeting former UK 5000m record David Moorcroft

- Martin's coaching in Camden for the NSPCC 

Thanks for supporting the show.

Run Well

Martin, Tom and Greg

1:41:05 - END

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