Episode 157 - Mike Tomlinson


Jantastic 2013 is here! It’s the first week of our spring motivation running challenge. We speak to the inspiring Mike Tomlinson about For All Events and a brand new marathon in Yorkshire. It’s week 2 of our countdown Training Talk. There’s a little news. We announce the Marathon Talk podium of the year for 2012. There’s Rate your Run, a rave and of course Tony’s Trials.

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Show Notes

00:00 INTRO

- Tom's been getting lapped

- Martin's been to the watch The Lion King

- Thanks adidas for your continued support of the show.

- Jantastic 2013 started on Monday 7th Jan!  There are almost 4000 amazing people signed up so far in Jantastic. In 2 days you logged 2500 runs!  

- There have been a few teething problems with logging runs - remember, you must record your runs after you’ve done them and not before! That’s why there have been some runners logging their full weeks quota on day 1! You log runs HERE. The Jantastic discussion forum for questions is HERE.

For All Events launch The Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon - Sunday October 20th 2013.

The Plusnet Yorkshire Marathon starts and finishes at the Heslington campus of York University. The scenic course winds through Walmgate Bar, Parliament Street and St Helen’s Square. Landmarks along the route include the Mansion House, the famous Betty’s tearooms and the imposing York Minster. Runners will leave the city walls via the ornate Monk Bar and then journey on through mile upon mile of flat landscape around the Vale of York and the pretty villages and towns of North and the East Riding of Yorkshire.

Mike Tomlinson and the team at For All Events are passionate about making the Yorkshire Marathon meaningful and exciting for runners.

- The 2012 Marathon Talk 'Podium of Podiums' - The top marathon performers of 2012.

1. Martin Dent - 2:16:29 - 12-Aug-12 - Olympic Marathon - 91.5%
2. Tom Aldred - 2:25:04 - 21-Oct-12 - Amsterdam Marathon - 86.1%                                             3. Stuart Leaney 2:28:39- Bristol - 22-Apr-12 - VLM - 84.0%

1. Sarah Biss - 2:39:20 - 15-Apr-12 - Marathon Rotterdam - 85.9%
2. Karen Selby - 2:39:50 - 25-Feb-12 - Belvoir Challenge - 90.2%
3. Johanna Parsons - 2:51:26 - 14-Oct-12 - Melbourne Mar - 79.8%

21:28 - NEWS

- Xiamen Marathon (IAAF)

- Hats off to the MBNA Chester Marathon. (Run247) Voted the UK's number 1 marathon for 2012.

- Houston Marathon is this weekend.

- A little gender debate for you. Are women less competitve then men? (Runners World USA)

- Listener Podium - who is at the top this week?

39:55 - TRAINING TALK - Marathon countdown.  Week 2. 

- Progression - things don’t need to ramp up each week.  Get your levels established first and make sure you can handle the workload/tolerate the volume - then increase.

- A key feature of getting progression right is not to increase the quantity (frequency and duration) and the quality (how fast you run) of your workouts at the same time!  Good progression is balanced, seamless and smooth.  

- You cannot keep overloading your system by running more and more or you’ll breakdown.

- It isn’t always a one way street - once you are running more often, longer and harder true progression takes place by doing less not more at times in your programme.  


Tony Jantasticates.


This week we speak to the inspiring Mike Tomlinson. For All Events – was established by the Tomlinson family as a legacy to the late Yorkshire fundraiser and campaigner Jane Tomlinson who raised almost £2m for charity by tackling a series of incredible endurance challenges, despite being diagnosed with terminal cancer.

Go to For All Events.

1:57:45- RAVE

We're Raving about …. everyone who has signed up for jantastic.

1:58:15 - CLOSE

- The Marathon Talk Listener Launchpad.  Where are you running?

2:03:56 - END

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