Episode 156 - Kelly Sotherton


Happy New Year! Olympic medallist Kelly Sotherton joins Martin, we bring you up to speed with festive news. Jantastic starts on Monday the 7th of January and we speak with last year's overall prize winner Diane Adkins. You rate your Christmas runs, Tony brings us his trials and training talk sets you on the way to your spring marathon.

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Show Notes

00:00 - Intro

- Marathon Talk highlights of 2012... Jantastic, Live from Leeds, Olympic Marathon watching, Live from London, meeting some amazing people, super cool interviews, watching the community grow, Magic Miling and finally some new t-shirts! 

- Our third birthday in two weeks, Jantastic is going to be epic, listen out for an awesome announcement on the 9th of January and we've just broken through 1.5 million downloads.

- Tom's been parkrun volunteering, catching Johnny Brownlee and adjusting his Jantastic goals

- Martin's been running less, getting wet and building his Christmas belly!

- Thanks as always to the great folks at adidas uk

- Jantastic starts on Monday

17:30 - Diane Adkins

- Diane won the overall Jantastic prize in 2012 of a VIP entry to the Virgin London Marathon, including a whole load of adidas goodies and a night at the amazing Tower Hotel.

34:00 - News

- No real news this week so we just had Rate Your Run and the Listener Podium

41:15 - Training Talk

- For the next 16 weeks we're going to take you through your spring marathon programme week by week

- In week one it's all about setting out your basic week, pacing your training sensibly as there's still a long way to go, being honest with regards your goals and realistic in terms of your personal training budget

48:38 - Tony's Trials

53:00 - Interview - Kelly Sotherton

- One of team GB's finest ever heptalthetes, a medallist at World and Olympic level and Commonwealth Champion

- Kelly's taking on her first marathon in London this spring

- Find Kelly on Twitter here and Wikipedia here

1:36:10 - Close

- Still time to sign up for Jantastic

- Tom will be off to Carlisle, running the Yorkshire cross country championships and Jantasticating

- Martin will be getting into the swing of things and checking out the Lion King

- Check out our events pages here

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