Episode 155 - Jez Bragg Te Araroa


Happy Christmas everyone. Jez Bragg talks about his amazing Te Araroa adventure. The 'Long Pathway' stretches for over 1800miles from the tip to the toe of New Zealand and Jez is running the lot! He's covering 2 marathons a day (or more!) for 50 days. He shares his first week with us.

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Show Notes

00:00 - INTRO

- Happy Christmas to Marathon Talkers everywhere.  We hope you all have an amazing day relaxing (running if you choose), spending time with wonderful people and having fun.

Thank you for being a part of the wonderful community this year.

- Get ready for Jantastic!


02:03 - INTERVIEW - Jez Bragg talks about his incredible Te Araroa adventure in New Zealand.

Look at the trail infographic HERE

Read Jez's brilliant daily BLOG.  

45:02 - CLOSE

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