Episode 149 - Michael Shelley


Michael Shelley placed 16th in the London 2012 men’s Olympic marathon, Martin caught up with him about all things running. What were your biggest marathon training mistakes? There’s some news from Beijing and Bournemouth, and Sodbury and Snowdon, and a runner who’s competed 500 sub 3:30 marathons.

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Show Notes

00:00 - Intro

- Tom's been still touring the UK, philosophising about running (here) and missing his girls.

- Martin's been hanging in Southampton, nursing painful glute and getting ready for smash up #2

- Thanks to adidas for their continued support of the show

- Check out Tony's Jantastic video demo here

- Thanks for your 154 greatest mistakes via Facebook

- Beware of bad language on this funny video

- Thanks to Ian Evans for the geography lesson 

- Slogging in Sodbury here

13:25 - News

- Tokyo becomes sixth World Marathon Major (nytimes.com)

- The Bournemouth Marathon Festival is announced (bbc.co.uk)

- Q & A with 500 marathon man Steve Edwards (run247.com)

- Beijing Marathon bans Japanese runners... not! (japantoday.com)

- Since recording the show the Fukuoka field has improved significantly! (japanrunningnews.com)

25:37 - Training Talk - Cross Country

- Correct kit is vital

- Make sure you warm up properly

- Embrace the race

- Get involved whatever your standard

- Enjoy! 

33:00 - Tony's Trials

37:48 - Interview - Michael Shelley

- Michael on Wikipedia - here

1:13:00 - Rave - The New York Dublin Marathon

- dublinmarathon.ie

1:14:00 - Close 

- Tom will be still touring the UK, Abbey Dashing with his Dad and taking a week off

- Martin will be long running, doing a session and working with Oxfam at the Iffley track

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