Episode 146 - Julia Bleasdale


Adam 'Chaffaway' gives us his latest update from Jordan. Fresh from Amsterdam Tony tells his trials. There is news from Birmingham and Abingdon. A superfast men's podium and a great girls gear rant. Training Talk is all about getting ready for winter and this week we speak to 8th placed finisher in both the 5000m and 10000m at the London 2012 Olympic Games - Julia Bleasdale.

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Show Notes

00:00 - INTRO

- Tom's got professional manflu

- Martin's having a blip.

- If it's raining, we're still training!

- Help us get 10,000 FB 'likes' by Christmas.

- Lance Armstrong stripped of all 7 Tour de France titles and 'removed' from cycling history (BBC)

- Thank you adidas for continuing to support the show and bring it to you each week.

11:22 - Adam Chataway tells us about his 3rd marathon in Jordan. phileasjogg watch Adam's latest Jogg cam4

20:28 - NEWS

- Rate your Run

- 2 new couse records at the 37th Amsterdam marathon. (IAAF)

- Sad news from Sunday's Great Birmingham Run.  Our thoughts with the family and friends of Kevin Paterson (Greatrun)

- Micah Kogo wins Great Birmingham Run in a new course record. (Greatrun)

- Abingdon Marathon - new world record for 5 runners tied together! (Oxford Mail)

- The Marathon Talk Marathon Podium

- Congratulations Marathon Talk interviewee Steve Way in winning the IAU World 50k trophy in Italy this past weekend. Steve had an amazing race scorching round in 2hrs53mins.  Read the full story on Steve's informative BLOG.

34:55 - TRAINING TALK - Winter running warmers.

Although the summer months cutting through the warm air flying along in shorts and vest with the sun beating down above you from a clear blue sky might seem like a distance memory (a very distant one with our recent British summers!), running in the winter months offers a whole new challenge and sense of adventure and achievement.    If the prospect of running with grey skies, harsh frost, hail, driving wind and penetrating rain during the winter sends more than literal shivers down your spine then this weeks TT is right up your street.

1. Get off road. Stop pavement pounding

2. Get the right tools for the job.

3. Run with others

4. Be focussed.

5. Zip up the mansuit.

44:05 - TONY'S TRIALS - Tony's been to Amsterdam.

55:40 - INTERVIEW - Julia Bleasdale.

Julia ran 15:02 and 30:55 over 5000m and 10000m respectively to finish 8th in both events in the 2012 London Olympic Games.

1:29:15 - RANT - great fit for girls kit?

Elaine Vaughan rants about the lack of choice in plus size women's running clothing.

1:30:15 - CLOSE

- Listener launchpad - where are you running?

01:37:02 - END

Thanks for supporting the show.

Run well.

Martin & Tom

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