Episode 145 - Jocelyn Payne


Leeds student Jocelyn Payne talks about the training that saw her break three hours in Berlin, Ed Whitlock breaks yet another World age record, we catch up with the ‘Brit with the bleeding tit’ Adam Chaffaway, there’s Tony’s Trials, you Rant, and there’s a super stacked Listener Podium.

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Show Notes

00:00 - Intro

- Tom's been celebrating Rosie's 1st birthday and pacing parkrun PBs

- Martin's been running 16:20 parkruns and prancing round Portugal ;)

- Thanks to adidas for all their support

- Nice video of the Canadian speedsters (here - look for 'The Race Against Time')

08:12 - Adam Chataway (Twitter) (Jogg Cam 1) (Jogg Cam 2) (Jogg Cam 3)

15:02 - News

- Athletics Kenya announces new policy for Olympic marathoners (tonireavis.com)

- Radcliffe loses funding (BBC)

- Scott Overall looking forward to NYC (athleticsweekly.com)

- Ed Whitlock smashes World age marathon record (thestar.com) (official results)

28:36 - Tony's Trials

32:40 - Interview - Jocelyn Payne

- Jocelyn's Power of 10 profile - here

1:20:10 - Rant

1:21:50 - Close

- Tom will be running in Harrogate, going to a wedding and watching J-Dog winner the World title

- Martin will be back from Portugal and training for that sub 16

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