Episode 142 - Prof Tim Noakes


Prof Tim Noakes discusses his latest thoughts on carbohydrates. Yuki does the double, there’s a promising racing return for Andrew Lemoncello and our most inspiring Magic Mile ever. We take a look ahead to this weekends Berlin Marathon. Tony brings us his weekly trials, the podium is full and training talk is about being strong in the head when the going gets tough.

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Show Notes

00:00 - INTRO

- Tom's been Barrow parkrunning

- Martin's been New Forest Half marathoning

- Thanks adidas for helping us bring the show to you every week for free.

- The best Magic Mile ever - Well done Nigel Palmer.

09:48 - NEWS

- Boston Marathon 2013 open for qualifiers (BOSTON MARATHON)

- Yuki zips up his PB doubling mansuit. (JAPAN RUNNING NEWS)

- An IAAF World Half Marathon Championships? (RUNNERSWORLDUS)

- Toni Reavis BLOG

- Victory comeback race for Lemoncello. 

- Men's Olympic marathon Champ takes 8 weeks off (ALLAFRICA)

- Poor Gilbert Kiptoo (MARATHONGUIDE)

- This weekend it's the Berlin Marathon. (PREVIEW) Mutai shooting for a new WR?


10 ways to stay psychologically strong and on track in marathon when the going gets tough.


- GoodbyeWatfordBridgeRoad

- Spot the Marathon Talk tee shirt in one of the videos...

- Archie, At The Hairy Dog or Hague Bar Blues


In what could be one of our most controversial interviews ever we're joined for the second time by Professor Tim Noakes as he shares his latest thoughts on nutrition and fueling for exercise and general health.

1:18:40 - RAVE

Dave Heywood raves about small places with plenty of races (Utah!)

1:19:46 - CLOSE and LAUNCHPAD

- Marathon Talkers are running everywhere (well almost!)

- Tom's long running

- Martin's eating fancy nosh and organising a series of free children's mile races in Bournemouth.  CASTLEPOINT FUN RUN.

1:26:18 - END

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