Episode 141 - Zola Budd (Part Two)


Final results of the 2012 Magic Mile and the second part of our interview with running icon Zola Budd. Five time Paralympian Noel Thatcher joins us for a London 2012 Paralympic Games review. Dibaba and Kipsang rule at the Great North Run and Ed Whitlock breaks another WR. Training Talk deals with race pacing and the weekly podium is full!

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Show Notes

00:00 - Intro

- Tom's been Gruffalo collecting, Cardiff parkrunning, and Ironman Walesing

- Martin's been coming back from the alps, running 16:72 at Poole parkrun, and swim counting

- Magic Mile results here

14:55 - Noel and Tom talk Paralympics

44:50 - News

- Great North Run (Athletics Weekly)

- Ed Whitlock breaks World 80+ half marathon record (Runner's World)

- Adam Chataway runs the World (Just Giving Phileas Jog) (Vicky's Water Project)

- Yuki wins Sydney Marathon in course record (Herald Sun)

- World Half Marathon Championships UK team (IAAF)

1:01:50 - Training Talk - Perfect Pacing

- Everyone is capable of running well

- Decide on your target time

- Set out on pace or slightly slower

- Get to half way a few seconds up

- Keep it easy for as long as possible

- When the going gets tough use mental strategies to keep on pace

- Have a plan B... and maybe a plan c! 

1:17:49 - Tony's Trials

1:27:00 - Interview - Zola Budd (Part Two)

1:41:00 - Rant 

- Roger Cross rants about camoflaged runners! 

1:42:06 - Close

- Martin will be laughing at Jimm Carr, Poole parkrunning, and maybe even marathon running! 

- Tom will be in South Shields, Barrow parkrunning, and upping his mileage

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