Episode 140 - Zola Budd (Part One)


Zola Budd joins us for the first time, Martin's back in the Alps and been on prison break. Tom’s been 4:60 miling. Team UK currently lead the Magic Mile. Ryan Hall’s out of New York and Lance Armstrongs out of Chicago but Cathy Freeman's in New York and Paula Radcliffe’s in London (hopefully). The 2012 Paralympics 2012 come to a close and there's the usual rants, raves and trials.

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Show Notes

00:00 - Intro

- Tom's been five minute miling, long running, and talking to Zola Budd

- Martin's been running from hounds, paddleboarding in Poole, and going back to the Alps

- Thanks to adidas running for all their support 

- Latest Magic Mile scores here

19:57 - News

- Paralympic marathons not shown live (telegraph.co.uk)

- Lance not allowed to enter Chicago Marathon (Runner's World USA)

- Cathy Freeman to run New York Marathon (Cathy Freeman Foundation)

- Ryan Hall withdraws from New York Marathon (Let's Run)

- New York does a U-turn over their baggage policy (Let's Run)

- Paula aiming for London 2013 (BBC)

41:30 - Training Talk - Lessons from the mile

- Low volume but high quality works

- Consistency is king

- Specificity specficity specificity

- Practice perfect pacing

- Open your mind

53:57 - Tony's Trials

1:00:30 - Interview - Zola Budd (Part One)

Born in South Africa Zola holds the British record for the mile with 4:17.57 recorded in 1985 in Zurich at the age of 19, she unofficially broke the World 5,000m record in 1984 and, gaining British citizenship, represented Team GB in the LA Olympics that year where she featured in one of the most famous Olympic moments of all time as her collision with American favourite Mary Decker led to the USA athlete falling. In 1985 she won the World XC Championships and broke the UK and Commonwealth records over 1500 m (in 3:59.96), the mile (4:17.57), the 3000 m (8:28.83) and the 5000m (14:48.07). The last of those being the World Record at that time. In 1992 she returned to the Olympics representing her nation of birth South Africa over 3,000m. Now living in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina she continues to run and this year took part in the infamous Comrades Marathon finishing alongside the Comrades King and previous Marathon Talk interviewee Bruce Fordyce.  

1:33:04 - Rant & Rave

Trevor Foale raves about random strangers and rants about himself! 

1:34:00 - Close

- Tom will be Cardiff parkrunning, picking up his Gruffalo, and cheering on Dom

- Martin will be chasing that sub 16 parkrun, helping out at the Poole Swim and getting back in the groove

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