Episode 14 - Richard Whitehead


This week we review some superfast spring marathons in Rotterdam and Paris.  Catch up with new world record holder and double legged amputee Richard Whitehead and tell you everything you need to know about your final 24hours on race day.  Hallelujah for Tony's Trials and we teach you how to spit on the run!  

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Show Notes

Time - Section

00:00 - Intro

- Final long run for Tom pre VLM

- Martin run for hours

- Paula Radcliffe interview coming up soon.

- The weekly mantra... 'the view from the finish line'

03:10 - News

- Rotterdam Marathon speedsters (LINK)

- Paris Marathon (LINK)

- Milan Marathon (LINK)

- Zurich Marathon (LINK)

- Blackpool Marathon (LINK)

- Marathon de Sables (LINK)

- Midnight pacing (LINK)

- An expectant Paula Radcliffe (LINK)

13:19 - Tony's Trials


15:38 - Training Talk - Race Day

- From setting your alarm right through to smiling for the camera.

42:54 - Rant and Rave 

- Martin raves about friends, family and communities

- Tom rants about weirdos!

45:30 - Interview - Richard Whitehead

- Richard just set a new double leg amputee marathon world record with 2:45 in the Rotterdam Marathon

1:00:00 - Questions

- How can I manage down-time between marathons?

- To flob or not to flob?

     - Many thanks to THESE GUYS for the spitting advice.

1:06:42 - Winners of the Week

- Our antipodean buddies at coolrunning.com.au

1:09:00 - Close

- Marathons coming quick and fast

- The big showdown in Boston - Meb v Ryan... who will win?

     - Follow the race live on www.universalsports.com

- Martin's moving to London... feel free to heckle ;)

- Say hi to Tom at the first ever Bradford parkrun

- Paula Radcliffe interview coming VERY soon!

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