Episode 138 - Geoff Wightman


Martin's back but for the first time ever Tom’s away Martin’s joined by ‘Robbo’ from ‘The Naked Runners’ for the whole show including some Magic Mile ‘trash talk’. There’s news from the world of running including Paula’s foot and Mo’s twins. This week’s interview is with London 2012 Olympic athletics announcer and 2:13 marathoner Geoff Wightman. The Magic Mile kicks off next week! You rate your run and rant and Tony’s is back is his place.

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Show Notes

00:00 INTRO

- Martin's back from Portugal and the Paralympic Holding Camp

- Robbo's waiting for his wife to have a baby (and locking her out of their house!)

- Thanks adidas for their continued support of Marathon Talk and bringing the show to you for free each week.

- The Magic Mile kicks off for real on Sept 3rd. Log your top mile times from then.

- Team USA talk up their chances on ESPN's The Runaround Radio.

12:22 NEWS

- Rate Your Run

- Congratulations Mo and Tania on the birth of twin girls. (Independant)

- Supersonic 5000m sound. (Telegraph)

- Olympic 10000m silver medalist Vivian Cheruiyot to step up to the marathon for Rio? (Running Times)

- Bad news for Lance Armstrong.  Tour de France 7 time champ gives up on clearing his name. (Guardian)

- Paula Radcliffe been for foot op.  Nasty PIC!  Great toe nails.

- No more bags please at ING NYC Marathon.  (Run247)

- The London 2012 Paralympic Games starts today!  Hooray!  It's going to be huge! 

- The amazing C4 'Meet the Superhumans' video.

- Understanding athlete classifications

- Sunday 9th September 0800 - The Paralympic Marathon.  

- Marathon Talk Podium


46:52 - INTERVIEW - London 2012 Olympic Stadium track and field announcer, MD of Run Britain and 2:13 marathoner Geoff Wightman.

1:26:30 - RANT

Richard McEnery - Those poor unfortunate souls who are unable to say "Hello" and run at the same time. Clearly, to snap out of their zone would be fatal!

Tony Horstead - Non-runners not understanding the dedication required to train for long distance running.

1:29:34 - CLOSE

Thank you for supporting the show.

Robbo - will be having a baby, smashing out a mile and prepping for 26.2.

Martin - will be cheering T44 200m runner Richard Whitehead at the Paralympic Games.

Get stuck into your Magic Mile!!!!!

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