Episode 137 - Matt Barnes


For the first time ever Martin's not here! We have however got a fantastic Magic Mile style interview with the sub four minute miling maestro and my mile mentor Matt Barnes, we have a Training Talk about Autumn marathons, our fastest ever listener podium person, there's a Rant, you Rate Your Run, but there's no Tony's Trials because he's here in the studio.

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Show Notes

00:00 - Intro

- Tony's been celebrating Ruth's birthday, hanging with the band and marshalling in Marple

- Tom's been 5:10 miling, slowing down time and lining up interviews

- Thanks as always to adidas for their support 

- Sign up for the Magic Mile here

- Marty Dent tops the podium, nearly

18:56 - News

- John Lawton's body is found in Greece (BBC)

- Heroe's welcome for Stephen Kiprotich (The Promota) (New Vision)

- Kenyan coach says foreigners should be banned (StarAfrica.com)

- More Kenyan frustrations (Daily Nation)

- Rudisha saves the day (allAfrica.com)

- Ryan Hall's post Olympic blog (Innovation for Endurance)

- Pavey looking to Rio (thisisnorthdevon.co.uk)

- Age resttrictions in Canada (cbcnews)

- Moose's Tooth Marathon (Anchorage Daily News)

41:50 - Training Talk

- What's different when training for an autumn marathon compared to a spring event?

- Bigger time gap across autumn events mean that people's schedules don't match

- Rountines are out of sync

- Many of us will have taken a holiday

- Training hot for cold rather than cold for hot

- Don't forget the Chafe Factor

54:25 - Interview - Matt barnes

- In 2007 Matt had the perfect winter build up and that summer broke four minutes for the mile.

- Check out his blog here

1:37:40 - Rant

- Mel Kotecha rants about histrionic footballers

1:38:40 - Close

- Tony will be long running, hill running and parkrunning

- Tom will be running in a lane, going on holiday, getting excited for the Golden Mile

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