Episode 131 - John Bryant (Part One)


The Athletics Show is out Thurs 12th July. 2012 Magic Mile details and where we will be stood to watch the womens Olympic Marathon on Aug 5th? Team GB selection controversy and news of a super fast track 5000m in Paris. Training talk is all about gearing up for your Autumn marathon campaign. Tony brings us his trials and and we interview Fleet Street legend, runner, journalist and historian John Bryant.

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Show Notes

00:00 - INTRO

- Martin and Tom have been getting lost and muddy parkrunning in the Forest of Dean

- Thanks to adidas for their continued support of the show.

- Details of the 2012 'Magic Mile' - #signupforfast! See HERE

- Register to participate from July 18th. HERE

- Join in or set up your own Magic Mile event HERE

- Marathon Talk Women's Olympic Marathon Spectating Point.

We'll be watch the race from the Corner of Friday Street and Queen Victoria Street. HERE

- Arrive early!  Race starts at 1100.  Wear your MT tee and bag the space if you're first there!

11:15 - NEWS

- Team GB selection announcements (Athletics Weekly)

- Mutai beaten in Half Marathon (LINK)

- 11 men run sub 13mins in Paris 5000m at Diamond League - watch it

- Paula injury woes (again) (INDEPENDANT)


Autumn marathons getting closer - where should you be now?

1. Be patient – you’ve got plenty of time.

2. Start from a strong foundation and healthy base – get any issue sorted now.

3. Re – reflect on previous performances – if you want to do better this time should you do what you’ve always done?

4. Get your routine nailed first.

5. Keep everything pressure free.



The first part of our interview with former Fleet Street Editor, writer, coach, historian and runner John Bryant.


Thanks for the photo's Mr Tey.

1:16:38:00 - CLOSE

- Listener launch pad - where are you running?

- Martin's at the Olympic torch relay and running the Endurance Life real relay

- Tom's mile training and being Harrogate posh.

Thanks for supporting the show.

Martin & Tom

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