Episode 12 - Noel Thatcher


This week we talk to six time paralympian and all round running legend Noel Thatcher, we answer your questions about the Lausanne Marathon, have a chat about tapering and hear Tony's latest musical endeavour...

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Show Notes

Time - Section

00:00 - Intro

- Martin's back running

- Dorney Lake Race Your Pace

- Tom's back running long... and riding long!

- Mantra of the week

05:30 - News

- North Carolina (link)

- World Cross Country Championships (link)

- Prague Half Marathon (link)

- Steve Ovette to start Brighton Marathon (link)

12:15 - Tony's Trials - 'Adductor'd to Love'

- Thanks to freeproductiontracks.com for the beats! (link)

13:30 - Training Talk - It's taper time!

- The hard work is done... or is it?

- For most of us 'taper time' can be the toughest of all the training weeks as we fight with the negative feelings associated with reduced mileage and the increase in available time in which to eat naughty food or fall off the garden shed and break a leg! In this week's Training Talk we cover the key aspects required to arrive on the start line of your 'A' race in tip top shape.

28:54 - Rant and Rave 

- Martin raves about things people say... GOOD JOB!

- Tom rants, in advance, about the snow

32:45 - Interview - Noel Thatcher

     - Noel is a six time paralympian with 42 gold medals at European, World and Paralympic level plus awesome PBs at distances from 400 metres to the marathon. We talked to him about his amazing running career, how it all started and what the future holds in store.

     - As a full-time physiotherapist who specialises in treating runners you can find Noel keeping people on the road to marathon success at the Holly House Hospital in Epping Forrest on the outskirts of London - (LINK)

1:16:15 - Questions

- What's Lausanne Marathon like?

- Will training at altitude help?

1:22:09 - Winner of the Week

- It could be you?

1:24:15 - Close

- Facebook discussion boards

- Paula Radcliffe interview!

- Daz Reevel's poem


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