Episode 10 - Sarah Russell


This week we catch up with the race director of the Tunbridge Wells half marathon, Sarah Russell. Martin helps you to live longer, one of our listeners wins a 250km desert race and Tony's in trouble!

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Show Notes

Time - Section

00:00 - Intro

- Martin's back from Lanza but feeling glum :(

- Tom finally paces his long run well

02:30 - News

- Silverstone Half Marathon (link)

- First ever Kilomathon (link)

- Running makes you live longer

- The World's most southerly marathon (link

- The equaliser run (link)

- Listener Jo Zakrewski wins the Atacama Crossing! (link) (BBC)

10:10 - Tony's TRIAL

- Tony's in the dock!

15:00 - Training Talk

- Dropped a clanger? Don't panic!

- Had a flyer? Don't get complacent!

24:20 - Rant and Rave 

- Martin 4 Eddie (link to iplayer)

- Tom's undercover injury!

28:40 - Sarah Russell

- As race director for the Tunbridge Wells half marathon Sarah had a tough day in the office yet still put on a great event. We talk to Sarah about the demands of being a race director.

1:07:35 - Questions

- Pacing Boston... go out hard and hang on? (link)

- Dealing with increased hunger during big training

- Using heart rate during racing

1:16:255 - Winner of the Week

- Iain Ridgeway

1:18:20 - Close

- Check out our Facebook discussion board (link)

- Next week it's the long run special

- Martin and Liz are off to Reading this weekend

- Did Tom make it to the gym?

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