March 2018

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Episode 428

Episode 428 - Robbie Britton


On this week’s show Martin is joined by Holly Rush in the studio, you could come to Kenya or Austria, it snowed, some runners got stuck, Chris Thompson is on form, so is Yuki, there’s a couple of new indoor marathon world records, ultra runner and 24hr specialist Robbie Britton shares his next running adventures, get your hands on tickets for Skid Row Marathon, you rate your run, stand on the podium, and share your kit pics around the world!

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Episode 427 - William Pullen


The Robin Hood Marathon is no more, Rupp PBs over 13.1 miles, Kathrine Switzer is running London, Dewi Griffiths is out of the Commonwealth Games, and there’s news of dodgy doping bottles! Tony’s here with some Trials, Tribe Nutrition sponsor Rate Your Run, there’s a rapid-fire Facebook Friday, and Martin speaks to mindful runner William Pullen.

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Episode 426

Episode 426 - Chris Chataway


We remember Sir Roger Bannister and listen to Sir Chris Chataway recounting that incredible first sub 4 minute mile. There’s some great racing at The Big Half (apparently), some fake racing in Cambridge, Jake Robertson runs 2:08 at Lake Biwa, Team Sky’s fortunes go from bad to worse, and there’s rumours of a high profile drugs bust from Kenya. You rate your run, stand on the podium, and Active Cover sponsor Training Talk with guest Mario Fraioli.

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