January 2019

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Episode 471

Episode 471 - Colin McCourt


This week’s show is sponsored by Tribe, the UK’s leading all-natural sports nutrition brand, Tom catches up with the one and only Colin McCourt, London and Boston announce super-stellar elite fields, and Training Talk reviews Brian’s Comrades strategy.

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Episode 470

Episode 470 - Holly Rush


On this week’s show Tom Stancliffe from Tribe sports nutrition joins us, there’s a new women’s parkrun world record, an insanely fast 10k, Laura Muir gets off to a great start, Mo’s ranked 3rd in the world, just send full teams UKA and have you been bitten by dog whilst running, Tony’s here with his trials, there’s a training talk about kicking off your marathon build up, Holly Rush shares her Dubai to Oman run, you rate your run, stand on the podium and look amazing in kit around the world.

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Episode 469

Episode 469 - Ann Ashworth


Happy New Year 2019! On this week’s show we’re welcoming 2019 with Tom speaking to 2018 Comrades Champion, Ann Ashworth. It’s a different show as the only other thing we’ll do is reflect back on 2018.

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