Swiss Alps 100

M√ľnster Switzerland
Our courses are very specifically planned to be not as so difficult as other Swiss running events but still offers all the great views you can expect running in the Swiss Alps. The start of all of our distances begins with a gradual downhill on farm/fire-roads where runners can easily pass each other and find their spot they feel comfortable running before reaching the single trail at 9km. You won't find yourself in a single track runner traffic jam. Not only will runners enjoy running inside the green valleys looking up to the snow-covered Swiss Alps, but the 80km and the 100km course will also bring them up to those Alps to a maximal elevation of 2,700m. While we purposely planned for our race course not to go on super high elevation don't be mistaken about the views you'll see. You'll love it. And did we mention that 80km and 100km runners will traverse a 280-meter suspension bridge?

Steve Cudd

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