Kenya Impact Marathon

Kericho, Kenya
10km, half-marathon, Marathon
After an incredible Impact Week working alongside our charity partners Five Talents and enjoying a couple of training runs on the hallowed Kericho track, the Kenya Impact Marathon will be a race that challenges and amazes in equal measure. 10k, Half Marathon and Marathon

David Irwin
Lucy Hughes

Lucy Hughes

In short:
Kericho marathon, what a blast

In full:
Martin can decide if he will allow this entry or not, seeing as the race was abandoned when I had less than a mile to go. It started out well, I was taking it nice and steady for the first three laps of the stunning four lap course. At the highest point of this bumpy run through a tea plantation, the view opened up to the wide Rift Valley below, a truly breathtaking vista. On the fourth lap, after leaving the the high point of the course, the predicted rain started. But then it didn’t stop, it got harder and windier and then giant hail stones started blasting us, leaving my arms and legs bruised. With no shelter immediately in front or behind us, my fellow runner, Graham, and I kept moving to stay warm. We eventually hit the edge of the tea plantation and found that race officials had stopped the race. Everyone was trucked back to the finish where we dried off, ate and drank and tried to get warm. After the rain finished, a few of us made up our distances on the run back to our bus. Five and a half hours elapsed time, but does it count?

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