Eindhoven Marathon


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Phillip Cochrane

In short:
They say that it is a flat, fast marathon course with loads of music and public support. I'd have to say its good fun with loads of bands playing - drumming. Yes it is mostly flat.

In full:
This was my first marathon. I thought that I better get around and run one or it just wasn't going to happen. I planned on running 5:12/km splits (03h46m) but ended up averaging averaging 5:00/km splits (03h33m). There was a really steady runner that I followed for the first 30k or so. I thank her for my steady pace. The head wind was annoying (may have had a tail wind at some stage:) ). At the 33km point blisters appeared and ruptured on both feet I managed to push through and even finished with a 'sprint'. Thanks Team for such a marvelous podcast. https://www.strava.com/activities/2785433184/overview

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