Dorchester marathon


Rob Lush
Kelly Williams
Andy Prestidge

Andy Prestidge

In short:
Hot and hilly,3rd attempt of setting a PB I'm happy with, but today wasn't the day. Only an hour behind target time of 4:30. 30mins for the heat and 30mins for the hills, not bad I guess.

In full:
Really hot event, was meant to be a final stab at getting sub 4:30 after suffering in the heat of London whilst still "marathon fit". Unfortunately the last few weeks have been in Homer Simpson mode so couldn't fit in the Yuki suit on the day. Managed pace well at the start, but the heat built up when the hills did and I just had to watch as the time slipped by. I've pledged no more marathons, but the target PB still alludes me. Not looking forward to Tuesday and Wednesday legs.

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