Christchurch Marathon

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Michael Wray

Michael Wray

In short:
Lined up at the Christchurch Marathon with a 2:45 target and with it also being the NZ Champs, wanted to win the 50+ National Title. Torrential rain in the day before meant large sections of the course had shin deep lakes. On race day it was 4 degrees and wind gusts up to 57km/h, plus it was still raining on and off. The result was my roughest ever marathon. At 2:58:23, it's my slowest since 2011 and by far the biggest positive split . And for the first time I was grabbed by support crew at the finish and rushed off to the ambulance crew! Got sucked into a bit of a fast first 23-odd km, going through half way in 1:21, which did not help. In the cold and rain, I lost all feeling in my hands (arms actually, and my feet) so wasn't able to consume any gels (my frozen claws couldn't undo the zip of my belt!) and no fluids for the final two thirds (hands so numb, couldn't hold a cup). Another new experience was tunnel vision for the final 3km that got narrower until towards the end all I could see was some kind of weird flickering light effect. Literally staggered the final kilometre, didn't know where finish was so kept running after passing it until two support crew grabbed me and took me to the medics! On the plus side, finished first NZ M50+ as the only 50+ to finish ahead of me was an Australian (Shaun Creighton - an ex-Olympian!).

In full:

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