Chelmsford marathon

Cental Park, Chelmsford, Essex

Simon Gurney

Simon Gurney

In short:
A PB and a London GFA bagged on a very pleasant course along leafy lanes on a glorious sunny (but not hot) morning.

In full:
After the scorching weather at marathons earlier in the year, the weather at the Chelmsford Marathon was just about perfect. After a couple of miles in Chelmsford City Centre we headed out into the gently rolling countryside following very pleasant leafy lanes. There were many cyclists along the lanes enjoying the routes too. I passed my father-in-law’s house at 17.5 miles and the temptation to stop and have a cup of tea was great but I dipped into the stubbornness tank and plodded onwards into the last third of the marathon. I finished in 3:13:13 (nice symmetry) in 43rd place. I was very pleased to bag a PB and achieve a London GFA time (3:15) at my fifth attempt this year. I was especially pleased with a positive split of only 9 seconds. I have listened to every episode of MT and have learned a lot from the show especially about training for a marathon and pacing. Thank you MT !!

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