Adelaide Marathon

Adelaide, South Australia, Australia
10km, 5km, half-marathon, Marathon

Ben Angel
Matthew Baynes

Ben Angel

In short:
Sensational Autumn course, perfect weather, definitely one for the International tourists!

In full:
20 weeks of flawless training only to come down with a cold in the last week of taper. Surprisingly common it turns out. I was in two minds whether to run or not but I played it as if I would recover with the carb load etc. My good wife pointed out my back up injury plan was the Gold Coast Marathon 1st July. So why not turn it into a positive. The tin lids were signed up for the 10km anyway and I was tossing coins whether to start but what the hell I can always pull out if I'm too sick. Very comfortable first half between manageable walking and coughing fits trotting out 6 minute kilometres, chatting and meeting lots of new friends! Was really good fun even if feeling a bit guilty watching other people's wheels go wobbly as we progressed! Met several runners with over 300 marathons done and lots of tourists. Brief break at the halfway mark to hug the family. Got to the 26 km mark on 5:55 pace and felt like I wouldn't hurt my chances in 5 weeks to kick the last 16 km at original goal pace around 5 min/ kms. Brought home a very comfortable 3:55 finish time. Awesome to go through 35kms feeling so good - cant imagine that happening again in a hurry! Passed some very sorry looking people in the last 10, not sure if my words of encouragement were always well received! Kids both with 10km PBs, 12yo daughter 4th female with a 41:## I would never have planned to do a marathon at such a comfortable pace. For it to be so much fun taught me plenty! A great experience and another positive from what was looking like a nightmare. So that's it then, another 5 weeks on the straight and narrow, Gold Coast here I come.

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