Killer sessions for a bouyant return to parkrun

Whisper it… parkrun is on its way back to the UK with a planned June 26th return.


Here are Martin and Holly’s favourite killer sessions for a fired-up return to parkrun

The Broken parkrun (5x1k)

This is a great benchmarking session to indicate where you are ‘at’ for your first parkrun back. Take a good warm up of around 15 minutes, then run 5 x 1k at your target 5k pace. Start with a two minute recovery, but after each rep allow yourself to feel the bite by reducing those recoveries down to 45 seconds. Keep moving at jogging pace in the recoveries.

Hold tight, it’s going to take some concentration and grit, but aim to hang on to that target pace throughout the workout! Give yourself a decent cool down of around ten minutes.

The sustained endurance workout (2x3k)

This is a session that teaches you how to hang on in the second half of your parkrun when it might just start to hurt. Take a 15 minute warm up, have a good stretch then head into two sets of 3k at target 5k pace. Take a good recovery of six minutes between, in which you stop, walk and jog before going again. The second set can feel hard, but it’s teaching you to hang on so dig in. Take a 10-15 minute cool down to finish off.

The double repper (2 x (5×500) )

This is an unusual workout that teaches you to find some speed and know your pace. After a 10-15 minute warm up (and maybe some strides) run two sets of 5x500m off two minutes’ easy jog with a good 5 minute stop, walk, jog recovery between sets. We know this one has a different feel and the broken element of the sets should allow you to dig deep into some endurance. Give yourself a good cool down of at least ten minutes.

You can hear Tom Williams talking about the plans and challenges of bringing everyone’s favourite Saturday morning activity back to life in Marathon Talk Episode 583


Anji Andrews for Marathon Talk